Monday, May 17, 2010


My boy C.W. Wang and his cohort Taylor Levy are on some genius-futurist imagineer business. Currently they are in Shanghai at the World's Fair Expo installing a project commissioned by Johnson&Johnson involving giant digital projectors, text messaging, cartoon avatars and "interactivity". You can see a lot of their experimental clocks, meta-flashgames and other tinkerings at and

The last time I saw him Che-Wei had just come up with this idea: the noun-noun generator.

It takes two nouns from a list 7000 words long and turns them into noun-noun combination neologisms. It's remarkable how many of these new words describe things that already exist in the modern world, or could, or seem to describe some very specific thing in a concise, almost poetic way like certain German words (which are largely noun-nouns) are supposed to.
Che-wei imagines the generator could be used to generate novel ideas for new inventions or just to stimulate a stuck brain.

One suggestion I have is that there should be a repository where people can send the best of these and take turns defining them like on Urban Dictionary. That way Che-Wei might someday be able to feel like the indirect father of some improbably apt, overnight celebrity neologism that this thing is bound to eventually spit out.

I mean, I just got "Buzzchill", which I would use regularly. I imagine it as a milder variant of the Buzzkill, wherein someone doesn't quite kill your buzz, but just puts some icy notes into it. You know, maybe plays it a Joy Division record and whispers to your Buzz, "Do enjoy yourself, but just remember that we all die alone."


  1. I only just read this right now. Is Che-Wei a linguist?? also buzzchill could be a way of describing a stoner enjoying a nice cold brewski. like "i had a real nice buzzchill going last night while i marathoned dexter on that there new-fangled internet tv." i think the saddest part of that example is it's a completely true statement ... lolz. college degree.

  2. You know all about Buzzchillin'.