Sunday, May 2, 2010

As We Enter

Damian Marley and Nas sampling Mulatu Astatke! This beat is pretty bananas. Nas kind of struggles at this tempo, though, Damian could have carried the whole song, he's a beast!

Expect to hear that intro pulled up at least twice if you see the W.A. Sound spin this Summer- "As we entah..."


  1. @35 seconds ...."Real badman we nuh play Willy Wonka"... Damian Marley

    Looks like this song has given you a new addition to your "Badman Commandments" list

  2. People need to know! This is just ghetto common sense: if you want to be a real badman, do NOT invite any children to come have a fantastical adventure in your candy factory!

    I heard another good one recently: "Gansta nuh model inna shorts". Cover up those hairy calves!