Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Life" Video Shoot Still

Here's a still image preview of the new Polka Madre video that we filmed a few weeks ago in Appan, Hidalgo. That is your boy Quique, the video's star, in the backround.

Animal Blanco- Deal With it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What the Fuck?!

Are you guys getting these fucking old navy ads in your ear when you open this page?! These motherfuckers are throwing my whole blog game off! We might be nearing the end of my association with Please ignore the invitation to buy Old Navy jeans for now.

White Animal- La Boa

Ok, when I said that I was through with Latin musics for a bit, I was a bit hasty. He is Baltimore edit of La Boa, a classic Mexican tune. I made this a few weeks ago on the fly for a party where I knew folks had a taste for old Boleros and such. I thought it was just a throw-away, but I think it deserves a second life

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When I arrived at the Centre Cultural de Espana to the D.J. after the Kumbia Queers, I was genuinelly thrilled to see the photo exhibit that had happened to coincide: an expo of the Sonidero culture.
Here's a semi-incoherent article from wikipedia about Sonidero Cumbia that may give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Otherwise just check these snaps:

Abner Jay

My friend J.C. played me this record for the first time last night in Providence and I was bewitched. Ignore his bad jokes up front and get to the heart-reding stuff. When he says "rub my head while I lay down in my bed" I nearly lose it.

Abner Jay- I'm So Depressed

Rooftop Photo Sesh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pescado frito, preparada

This might be the last food porn shot from Mexico on this blog. This is from the feria: fried white fish, mayonaise, salsa, avocado, hot sauce and the omnipresent lime. Simple, but oh so good. Eaten, of course, with a michelada in a big styrofoam cup. This is how we do it.

Moodymann- Freaky MF (live)

Ha ha here is Detroit house legend Moodymann doing his track "Freaky MF" live with some help from a special guest. NSFW!

Pasion en Iztapalapa

My friends brought me to Iztapalapa, a part of the city that is best know fo r the Pasion, or reeanctment of the crucifixion that they have every year. As you arrived by train you walked by some cool photos they they had of previous years, like one of the guy who had played Jesus being treated for serious wounds. Someone even told me that they really put nails through his hands. I realized early on that there were many similarities here to Lucha Libre- professional wrestling. The suspension of disbelief was key.

We had been invited by Marcy (left side), who Polka Madre knows because she works in a place near casa Kramer called "Polleria 'las Pollitas'" ("The "Little Chicken" Chicken Shop[!]). But on this special day she was all dressed up and asked Marina not to tell any of us how they knew each other. She didn't want to be known as a "chicken girl".Tejja was taking photos as well.

The other aspect of the day was these guys who drag heavy crosses throug the street and up to the top of the steep hill where Jesus is to be crucified.When you aren't dragging it, it's time to casually lean on it!

They had them up for sale.
I liked this guy cause his assistant was wearing a Scotty Pippen jersey.

You could buy snacks like these: boiled pork skin with lime.

This float was made of flower petalsThis was like sand or sawdust

Reporters queried Eric about his mustache.I saw these people scarfing down Chicharrons while passively watching Jesus die and though "Can you be any more Mexican?"...

...and then I saw this guy. His girlfriend looked like she was twelve and ready for breeding. I thought "I guess someone is more Mexican."This guy, too. He was wearing a hat of Brujeria, which is a satanic metal band while avidly watching the passion play.On jumbotrons, cause it was too crowded to see much.
really crowded.
See those little crosses? Thats Jesus biting it. Then they played "Ave Maria" and things were serious for like 2 minutes. Then it was back to the usual. Although 15 minutes later out of the clear blue sky it started raining. Marina told me that this has happened five years in a row. I'm serious.