Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacances en Hidalgo

I went with Polka Madre to the state of Hidalgo where they went to play a show and film a video.

I jumped in the van at the last minute with no bags or anything, I was out after a long night out by myself and showed up wearing a t-shirt with Scarface on it and not answering questions.
Soon my phone ran out of batteries and I couldn't take any more photos of what might have been the most photogenic weekend of my trip. Polka Madre played an awesome show, the theatre put us up in the best hotel in the city, with our suites looking out onto the main square, which was dominated by an enormous colonial clocktower under which Mariachis sang in the evening. The next day we went out to Mariana's grandmother's house in the desert where we spent the rest of the weekend filming a music video, drinking pulque, grilling out, playing futball, and heading into town where we descended like the plague of wild-ass city kids that we were. When the video for the Polka Madre song "Life" debuts I'll post it up here, it should be a surreal affair. Until then, these photos I took before my batteries died will be my only visual record of our weekend in Hidalgo.

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