Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rappity Raps

There's really not much rap coming out that I could give a shit about, but now and then dudes are putting out some good. This Peedi Crakk came out over a year ago, so I guess you can now say that it was officially "slept-on". I know that Dipset-related stuff doesn't get much commercial airplay in general, but why this was not a hit I will never get. I like to speed this one back up to the tempo of "It Takes Two" when I play and run it like a riddim.

I am looking foward to the new Clipse, too, which will be largely produced by Rick Rubin. The first single is a leak, Kanye produced and with a surprsingly decent Kanye verse on it. It's not bad with the very classic dusty-break-chopped-on-MPC sound, but I think the straight Rick Rubin fire is still to come..

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