Sunday, June 14, 2009

Polka Madre on AL-Jazeera

Wow this feature from Al-Jazeera English actually gets a lot right about Polka Madre. And it portrays them as equals of Instituto Mexicano de Sondia and Nortec Collective, which is hilarious because both of those bands are way bigger than Polka Madre and are made up of snobby hipsters that will absolutely cringe at being lumped in with these rank outsiders.
You can even see me in this video- they show me for a second in the van in a scene ripped from the tour documentary. My friend Alain is pissed that Al-Jazeera used footage from the video he directed without giving him credit or money. He is contacting them for compensation. This prompted me to ask, "So... are you gettin' A-rab money?"

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