Monday, March 1, 2010

Elephant Man - So High (Fireflies)

When I got down here to Jamaica last month and a new link was giving me his rundown of the "tunes dat a mash-up Jamaica right now" he mentioned, along with hardcore Vybz Kartel joints, "Firefies" by Owl City.
If you think it's incongruous that a song that even teenage emo boys in the U.S. would call "gay" could "mash-up" the most homophobic country in the Western Hemishere, you don't know how weird it can get down here.
Immediately when I heard this I said "So when is the Elephant Man dubplate coming out?", to which my friend said "Oh, it definitely will." Turns out it was already out there:

Elephant might not be Jamaica's best deejay, but he is the quickest to jump on every U.S. hit, probably hoping for some crossover U.S. radio airplay. He also has to be careful not to use homophobic slurs as that would prevent radio airplay here in Jamaica. This remix seems like it should get big in the next couple weeks, as Diplo reports on the Maddecent blog after his gig in Kingston last week :
"The biggest track was either "Pon the Floor" or an Elephant Man Owl City" dubplate! ?!?"

And apparently the man was in the building! (pics from The Fader):

Seriously, how fucking bummed am I that didn't make it over to Kingston for this party?! Lykke Li and Prince Zimboo like what? Why am I broke and on the other side of the island?

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