Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catering Part 3

My third gig catering? Oh, just a little party for someone called Dan Graham, a conceptual artist who, amongst many other things, turned concert footage of Black Flag and Minor Threat into high art. This was at SculptureCenter in Long Island City, Queens. His guests were some some artsy types called Mirror/Dash, AKA Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. All of these folks happened to be at the table I was pouring wine at, so I was at their side all night, fighting the urge to drop my professional decorum and be all "Teenage Riot is the best pop song evarr!"
I did risk my burgeoning catering career by busting out the iphone to take some clandestine snaps, which apparently is strictly forbidden at events like this, but that's not what you see here. I swiped these photos from the official website because they were like mine, but good.
The whole night was surreal. We were serving fondue to bunch of Downtown conceptual art weirdos and their lovely teenage socialite daughters as well as straight-laced SculptureCenter benefactors and older art patrons. Meanwhile they were projecting the aforementioned Black Flag footage as well as other strange rock and roll counter-culture themed videos by Graham overhead. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon got up and read a weird astrological tribute to Graham with video of Rams behind them.Dan Graham is an adorable little eccentric genius man!
Mirror/Dash played an acoustic but still abrasive and confrontational set which most of the older crowd could barely wince their way through. Kim Gordon kicked over a folding chair to heighten this tension and reassert that she was still punk as fuck!
Later on the band Japanther played out in the freezing-cold open courtyard surrounded by bonfires, with my fellow servers weaving through the crowd distributing hot whiskey and "red-hot" cinnamon bark. Keep in mind I was getting paid good money to work this event. Madness!

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