Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm so Especial

This guy was riding shotty on my bus in D.F.. Take a close look at his shirt... they have translated the band name "The Specials" into "Especials". Lulz. This is like when I watched the episode of the Simpsons in Spansish when 50 Cent guest starred and Bart said "Mira! Es Cinquenta Centavos!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kumbia Queers!

If you know me, you probably know that there's not many phrases that start with the word "lesbian" that I can appreciate, unless the phrase ends with the word "porn". So, you should be proud that I can give an unqualified thumbs-up to Kumbia Queers, the all-girl lesbian cumbia band that I D.J.ed with a few weeks back in Mexico City. The ladies played at the rooftop bar of the Centre Cultural de Espana and I must say they killed it. They play cumbia classics and 80s covers with a cumbia makeover and a dyke-centric lyrical twist. The band is half Argentines and half Mexicanas and were appearing as part of a world tour that will take them from South America to Europe. The singer is from the veteran D.F. punk Ultrasonicas and she obviously knows how to work a crowd- people were going off.

Andrew was faded, but made it look so good.

Here was the view from the D.J. booth right at the end of the show.
After that the D.J. sets started up, which turned into a bit of a shitshow. It's a long story that involved my friends Johnathan and Yadira from Cafe Central in Oaxaca, who had showed up along with Kumbia Queers, a lot of alchohol, and Ruth Selecta, the local DJ who had ostensably invited me onto the bill and later called me a "Crazy gringo" who had hijacked her gig. Despite her displeasure at me and Johnathan pushing her off the decks with our hyper-masculine auras and entitled hipster attitutes, I don't think she could argue that I smashed it the last hour with Cumbia and Dubstep from South America. I even premiered my new Polka Madre remix, which should be out this summer. It might have been an ego-fueled trainwreck behind the decks, but at least it was great night for the dance floor.

Tiny Fuppets!

Scott Gairdner has done it again! "Ese es la forma!"- Gonzor