Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nick-a-Nees Providence

A glorious treat at this glorious old man bar with a glorious jukebox selection of Country, Blues, Folk and Soul classics.  The jukebox there (voted best of by the Providence Phoenix this year, as if there was any competition) costs- get this: 10 plays for a dollar!  Several times recently I went there by myself in the afternoon and dominated that thing for hours, playing jukebox "sets" that had the middle aged daytime regular crowd literally coming up to shake my hand.  This place is a breezeblock bunker in the heart of the otherwise douchetacular Jewlery district, but the fedora-wearers seem stick to the other "nicer" clubs and bars in the waterfront neighborhood.  What you see there is a delicious Double Black IPA from Providence's own microbrewery, Revival Brewing, and a homemade "stuffie"- a stuff Quahog made with Linguica, bread crumbs and BUTTER!  Rhode Island bliss.

Dinner Throwback

Here's what I could eat and drink for the rest of my life, courtesy of my Buddy Gui:
Duck, sausage, garlic haricot verts and crusty bread.  And the full flight of Pappy Van Winkle bourbons.  I've seen the 23 year going for 60 dollars a shot in bars (!).  "This is how we do it"- Montell Jordan

Khao Soi!

in Boston.  Not bad!  In a strange twist they used fried chicken, kind of like pieces of Chicken katsu, instead of the usual stewed chicken leg.  Awesome sweet pickled onions doe.  Pho basil in Back Bay.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mohinga @ Yoma Burmese restaurant, Allston, Mass

I'd been itching to try Mohinga ever since I saw the photos from my man Matt Gross' recent food safari into Myanmar (which I believe will be published somewhere soon).  How exciting it was to learn that that there is a Burmese restaurant, a rare establishment outside of Myanmar or Queens, right near where I was staying in Boston. And what better day was there to visit the place and try this comforting rice noodle stew of curry, pulverized catfish and hardboiled egg, a national staple of Myanmar, than just days after An Syan Sui Kchi had won her historic victory in the Burmese elections, signaling what could be new hopeful day for the Burmese and their culture?  A satisfying meal in several regards.

How We Do @ East Coast Grill, Inman Square, Cambridge

 East Coast Grill is one my favorite spots in Boston.  Among to the things you see in this photo are the ridiculously spicy "Phuket-style" chicken wings dressed with mint, lime, fish sauce, fried onions and the "Bhut Jolokia" chili or "ghost" pepper which is recognized to be among the hottest in the world.  Also, this bahn-mi-style sandwich overloaded with gooey caramelized pork belly.  YOLO.

Portugese Style Cod at Cuisine Del Mar, Central Falls R.I.

An amazing discovery in Central Falls: Cuisine Del Mar is a family-run Portuguese take out spot that consists of a seafood counter, a grill and a fryolator.  You order your fresh fish by the pound at below-market prices and get it grilled or fried and loaded with cilantro, salt, Portuguese olive oil and raw garlic, and served with a starch.  To this pound of Cod and fries I added banana peppers and paid about 8 dollars.  They also have Portuguese fish soup and "Rhode Island style" (read: Portuguese Style) calamari, which is battered, fried and then finished in a light saute of the aforementioned Olive oil, Banana peppers and black olives.

Buffalo Pork Chops at McCurdy's Junction House, Providence

The food at McCurdy's Junction House is so proper.  Their secret to homestyle comfort food is to have stoned black metal heads in the kitchen drinking High Lifes and listening to things like this:

No plate is allowed to escape their grasps without being tortured with deliciousness.

Ddukbokkie @ Mama Kim's Korean food truck, Providence

This was my first encounter with Ddukbokkie, Korean super-thick glutenous rice noodles with a mild orange pepper sauce and fishy fish cakes.  Kind of strange, definitely not great for you, but weirdly addictive.
Here's a recipe video I love mostly for the inappropriate hip hop/global remix soundtrack.  Hot and Spicy!

Dylan Going in "Providence 'New York' Weiners 4 Providence 'New York' Weiners".

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The Texas Ruben @ JIm's Deli, Brighton, Mass

 Brisket, cole slaw, Russian dressing, melted Swiss, and a fucking Jalapeno popper.  With cajun fries.  That's what's up.